Duduk - The Soul of the Mountains



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Dear Friends,

Thank you for your attention to the Duduk - The Soul of the Mountains application.
This program conveys our Love of the Duduk, and we invite you to share it with us.

This application will allow you to:
- know what the Duduk is;
- view the Duduk in 3D;
- listen to the Duduk: this application offers 6 original musical pieces played on the Duduk and composed specially for this application. While listening to the music, you will enjoy mountain views;
- play the Duduk, with or without accompaniment, and feel like a real Duduk Player.

Enjoy this unique opportunity! :)

We are genuinely interested in your feedback, so feel free to let us know your opinions and suggestions! :)

We always welcome Friends to join us!
Sincerely Yours,